HTML 5 Particle Demo

September 16th, 2011 by Slav

This is my first HTML 5 demo

It was build using Canvas so should work on most of modern browsers that support HTML5.

Just a simple particle wall, with randomly coloured particles of red-ish hue, reacting to mouse movement (or ‘wind effect’ if you will) also if you press and hold the mouse, they will change in intensity.

I’ve started building this demo as a part of the “playtime” during the HTML 5 workshop called “Intro to creative Javascript and HTML 5 Canvas” with Seb Lee-Delisle at FOTB conference in Brighton, finished it today, (added a background and a dynamic resizing based on the window dimensions).

The positive thing about working with HTML 5 is that it made me very thankful for Flash plugin. No hacking around for unsuported features, no shims, no version degradation fallbacks… Just works in every browser. Haven’t really appreciated this until I’ve experienced html 5. Another thing that I become to appreciate is ActionScript as a language. OOP features that creates supports for encapsulation such as strong typing, private / protected variables, supports for real classes.

It felt like traveling back in time , to a time of flash plugin version 5/6 and AS2, when its scripting capabilities were quite limited, and flash multimedia / display capabilities were quite crude, compared to it’s current capabilities.
Fortunately , there seem to be a solution! It’s strongly typed modern language / platform called haXe (similar to C# or Java) which can output to several target platforms / languages, one of them being JavaScript. Good news is that my programing IDE of choice (FDT) will support this in the next version which is comming very soon!

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Morphing Menu

May 1st, 2009 by Slav

After some requests from readers of this blog. I’ve decided to port my Explode class, that was written a while ago in AS2, to AS3, and while doing so, I also made some improvements to it as well.

The main difference is that you can use different functions separately now. For example you can use Explode.generate function to get the multicolor map and then Explode.generateParticlesBMPsFromMap to get the array of bitmaps and their positions..

This allows to separate the color map creating part of the script – which is the most CPU heavy from generation of particle BitmapData. This means you can effectively “cache” and reuse color map for multiple DisplayObjects..

Now,  if you’re reusing particle map, this allows for creating some interesting effects such as morphing via particle flow.. 

I created an example of morphing menu prototype that utilises this functionality.


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Free Flash Games

November 13th, 2008 by Slav

I’ve decided to share a bunch of flash games I build for various clients over the past few years. Most of these aren’t online anymore, and I thought it wold be a shame if they all went to waste : ) Read the rest of this entry »

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Explode MovieClip effect

February 24th, 2008 by Slav

One of the sessions at Flash on the Beach got me interested into playing with particles. Seb Lee  showed us an example of a using particles to explode a skeleton. You clicked on a skeleton and bones went flying. The only problem was, you had to manually break up the skeleton into a bunch of movie clips first and placed them into the skeleton timeline. That got me thinking… There must be a way for Flash to do this programmaticaly. So I spend some time (and caffeine) and wrote a class capable of doing just that…

Above demo loads the titles of the blog entries from , breaks them apart and uses them as a particles. You can also roll over with your mouse to trigger particle animation. Read the rest of this entry »

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