Augmented reality helicopter

July 13th, 2009 by Slav

Augmented reality is slowly becoming perhaps somewhat of a bevel effect/lensflare among the technology enthusiasts, but actually it’s only beginning to creep into consciousness of the “marketing people” (as I call them) so I though it’s high time I joined the ranks and pop my AR cherry. : – )

This demo is based on excellent ar tutorial by Lee Brimelow, you should definitely check it out if you want to play with AR.

One thing I discovered, the marker pickup up by FLARE toolkit can be quite tricky at times and it really helps if you do apply a threshold filter to an input bitmap data.

I added basic flying controls to helicopter and a helipad plane to ground it on the surface..

AR Chopper

Demo was build with Adobe Flash Builder demo, but the most important class extends UIComponent, so should be easily transferable to Flex 3.

You can view the demo here and right click to view the source.

If you don’t have a web cam watch screencast here.

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12 Responses

  1. Carlos

    Hi Slavomir,

    Is there a way to contact you?

    Could you drop me an e-mail. I would like to talk with you about writing for us an article on Flash/AR.

    I can pay you if you want.

    Best Regards,

  2. Slav

    Hi Carlos

    Sure , you can drop me email at and specify what you have in mind.



  3. barry

    Loving your work Slav. :)

  4. Georgik » Blog Archive » Rozšírená realita

    […] Flexu jednoducho a rýchlo rozšírite bežnú realitu. Na vašom stole sa môže zrazu objaviť virtuálny helipad aj s fungujúcim vrtulníkom. Prípadne niečo zaujímavejšie? Čo tak napríklad ohňostroj na […]

  5. Andre

    Ah! I did one with an Airplane and a landing strip, about 5 months ago.

    It was fun to fly it around the room 😉

  6. Glynn

    Hi tryed to use the code in flashbuilder to see how it works and i get two errors

    first is:
    could not resolve to a component implementation

    and the second is that the ChopperDemo.swf file could not be found.

    Can you help?


  7. Glynn

    sentence above should have read

    “could not resolve to a component implementation”

  8. Glynn

    The component is the mx:UIComponent

  9. Slav

    Glynn, this was build using quite early versions of Flex 4, so try to use an older version of SDK.. Otherwise , you should be able to import a Flex project fine. Not sure what the problem could be :(

  10. Rizky

    I have problem with “could not resolve to a component implementation” too

  11. JavidFlasher

    my god

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