How to get FDT to ignore some “erroneous” code

December 19th, 2009 by Slav

Have been using FDT for about 3 and a half years now, on many occasions I came across a code that , although perfectly compilable (both by mxmlc and flash IDE), FDT thought it contained errors.

For example when code contained some “clever” trinary operator arguments, or a javascript code segments wrapped in CDATA …

Anyway, I came across a simple way to make FDT to ignore such code.

If you place the problematic code inside a /*FDT_IGNORE*/ …. /*FDT_IGNORE*/ comments, FDT will not parse such code and therefore will not mark it as code containing syntactic error. Goodbye red marks !

However .. on the other side, if such code contains a functions or variables that other classes refer to, FDT will not be able to find those references in the “ignored” sections.

So use it with caution !

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  1. Jay

    Been using FDT since early 1.0 versions and never knew that trick. I guess they need to do something with their documentation.

    Thanks dude!

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