Stage Animation Recorder

August 31st, 2007 by Slav

This extension enables you to live record your actions in flash environment. It is typically used to create “live handwriting” effect. Unfortunately due to the nature of the way flash executes the actions in IDE , you can’t actually record mouse fluidly but rather short strokes, as flash pauses the on Timer events until mouse is released.  So to actually create illusion of writing, you’d have to have graphics of fully written text, and use this extension to draw a mask over it, recording creation of the mask , with short strokes.

However, application of this extension is not limited to this effect, you can record any sort of animation as long as it’s happening on the stage.

This particular animation took less then 5 minutes to create.

You can either click on record button to start recording, or select the check-box and use SPACE key to initiate recording.

To stop the recording you can’t usually use SPACE though as the window with extension looses focus after you start clicking on stage. You can still click again on the RECORD button.


Once installed , this extension can be found in Window > Other Panels > [Slav] Record Stage Animation.


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5 Responses

  1. Tarwin

    I’ve touched on JFSL a little but still can’t find any good sources for learning how to implement it properly.

    Is there any chance of source for this one?

  2. Dottie Montoya


  3. Tyler

    Great! but how can I implement this so “any” user can record & save there own stage creations?

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