Refactoring in FDT 1.5

October 29th, 2007 by Slav

While only FTD3 has fully featured refactoring a simple file operations based refactoring can be found in FTD 1.5 or perhaps even earlier versions.

For some reason it is unchecked by default, but can be found here :

Eclipse > Window > Preferences > FDT > Refactoring > Flash Explorer File Operations


So what it does exactly ? Well, let’s say you’ve named your class “Enemy”. It exists in com.mydomain.myGame package. Later on, you decided to change it to a more spedific EnemyArcher, and have Enemy as your base class. You also want to move it to a different package, called com.mydomain.myGame.soldiers. So you create a new folder/package in myGame directory and use ctrl + drag and drop in ftd explorer to copy it to it’s new location. Then you rename to

If you have “Flash Explorer File Operations” unchecked , you have to go to your class, change the name and package of the class, and change the name of the constructor . If you have this option checked, FTD does this for you and save the changes automatically.

The nicest thing about this is it works on any operations , so also copy and paste, and with multiple files as well.

So you can grab for example 150 files and drag them into a new package, and that certainly will save you many minutes of tedious renaming and saving.

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