November 12th, 2008 by Slav

Here’s a couple of games I build over the years for various clients.


Catch a snowflake.

Skate across the frozen lake, catching the snowflakes with your tongue.
Avoid those pesky birds dropping the acorns!


Spartan Warrior Slash’m’up game.

Train in your skills with single weapon through multiple levels (shield, sword, spear, bow and arrow, ballister) till you ready for the final battle. Use numbers 1-5 to switch the weapons and up/down+x for attack, and up/down+z for block.

Sammy Snowball

Sammy Snowball

Game for a sharp eye and fast hand.
Roll a snowball down the hill and click your mouse to jump to avoid obstacles.


RevoGame of fast and steady hand.

Click on all the the lit up squares in time. Solving round faster gives you bonus points.


Musical Snowflakes

A memory game.
Repeat the sequence after the computer. You’ll get small fireworks after each word and a big fireworks in music after completing the sentence.

air new zealand quiz

All Blacks Rugby Quiz

Sports Quiz game
Multiple choice quiz game about know well known New Zealand’s rugby team All Blacks.
Includes picture and video rounds.